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An MS Voice from the Past

Whilst clearing out some documents in her house , Jackie Bates , one of the  members of our group , found an old poem written by a friend of her Grandmother about 60 years ago . It is clear from the poem the lady who wrote the poem was a member of the local  group going back to the 1950's and 1960's . The poem  talks about the MS Society group being formed in the area  and asks for people to donate money to the society and is written in a strong Yorkshire dialect. 

The poem does use some wording/terminology that would be deemed unacceptable today but would have been common place terminology in the 1950's/1960s and socially acceptable at the time of writing .


Multiple Sclerosis is a reight funny word, 
Nay it isn't a paader, nor it isn't a 'erb.
It's a cripplin' complaint strikin' th'owld, strikin' th'young.
Paralyzin' it's victims once it's begun.
Some a' struck daan wi' deerfness,
Thi' can't hear a word,
Thi' can't hear music nor't' song of a bird,
Thi' can't hear 't' children laakin' araand,
The'r in a world of thr own, the' can't hear a saand,
An' some lark a'  log as ta lig i' ther bed, 
Thi' can't move leg nor arm, an' some can't turn ther ' y'ed .
An some fawk ta' cheer 'em 'ell say well ne'er heed, 
But wat's poor chap to do when thers childer ta feed, 
An some o' those victims can't stand nay can't walk,
Ain't yer glad 'at yo' arnt one o' these fawk.
All't day long thi' just sit in one place, 
Thi' can't feel t'wind i' ther 'air , nor t'rain on ther face,

Na' in this taan a' must confess

A Society's been formed and it's called M.S.S.

It doesa a gaid job 'am 'appy to say

It brings joy ta these people i' many a way.

 At 'oliday time it isn't sa funny

When these victims can't goa ta places 'ats sunny.

Naa this society 'am reight glad to report 

Sends lots away for a week at Southport.

At St. Cuthbert's Hall wi meet twice a year,

We 'ave a gaid time ,we're all glad to be theer.

Huddersfield Amateurs gie o' the' best

Wi' singin' an' dancin' and monny a jest.

St. John's men an' wimin' are a jolly gaid craad, 

Wi should sing ther' praises i' voices quite laad,

Thi' lift an' they carry an'  'elp all they can,

Fawk 'at can't walk, be it woman or man.


Then ther a' some fawk at give haars an haars, 
Gettin' cripples daan ta' t'h hall i' ther cars.
Thi' could sit an' watch telly , or curl up bi't fire,
But ta give o' ther services they never tire,
An' bless all 't visitors , a ' know we'er thers one,
In hail, rain, wind o' snow , she'll allus come
Ta sit an' ta talk, an' ta listen t'news. 
Ther's nowt like a gossip for't chase away t'blues

An' thanks t' Committee they put in gaid work, 
I' doin ther duty they never shirk.
It's very well managed, it's very well run, 
Withaat this committee well nowt could be done.
Ther's W.V.S., ther's Red Cross an' all.
If yer need any 'elp, you've nobut ta call,
An ta all 'at 'ave  elped in ony way
Many thanks , we'er all grateful I'm 'appy ta say .
Na t' M.S.  Society alack an' alas 
Can't do all it wants when it gets short o' brass. 
Saa all you at a' thankful fer 'avin gaid 'ealth
Just dig i' yer pockets an' please give o' yer wealth

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