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Benefits Advice

April  5th  2020

Calderdale MS Group  has an established relationship  with FIGHTBACK4JUSTICE who will now provide support and guidance to  people living with MS in the Calderdale area. Established in 2013, "Advocacy For Disabled People CIC" are better known as Fightback4Justice. They already provide benefits advice and support to one of our neighbouring MS Society groups and come "Highly Recommended".

They are registered as a non profit Community Interest Company so everything they receive in donations or charges goes back into running Fightback and helps expand their reach and services.

They regularly attend meetings with ATOS (Independent Assessment Services ), and attend the PIP forum in London where the assessors, DWP and other organisations meetto discuss changes and improvement options.They are acknowledged experts who offer support and guidance on many aspects of calming ESA (Employment Support Allowance) and PIP ( Personal Independence Payments) from form filling , in depth knowledge of descriptors , mandatory reconsiderations, submitting and attending appeals.

In 2014 & 2018 they were runners up for the Disability Group at the prestigious Diversity Awards, in 2013 they won People’s Champion awards. They were also invited and gave oral evidence to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) about systematic violations by our Government to disabled people so are highly regarded in their field.

We Can Support You

We know what life is like living with MS and the stresses and strains involved in, when required, claiming the benefits
that can help with day to day living overcoming the symptoms of MS. Expert guidance and advice can make it a lot easier and increase the chances of getting the right result .If you have a MS diagnosis and are making a claim for ESA or PIP, transitioning from DLA to PIP or going through an appeal then, in most circumstances, the local group can fully fund the work delivered by Fightback  4  Justice on your behalf. If this sounds like it could help you ,then contact the local group directly.

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