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Fightback Webinar January 2024

Free MS Society Online Event

Fightback  provide benefits advice for  Calderdale MS Group

Fightback4Justice have provided Benefits advice and support for local Calderdale people through the group for several years. From form filling to assisting mandatory considerations and making appeals the relationship has proved to be a valuable service provided by the group free of charge to people in Calderdale living with MS. The success of the service has now led to over 10 localised MS groups throughout the north of Enagland  to sign up to Fightback


Fightback Webinar

In conjunction with the MS Society Fightback are hosting a free Webinar on Friday 26th January at 11.00am. Providing an opportunity to find out all about the services provided by Fighback. The webinar will provide an overview of some of the key benefits , such as PIP and ESA that members may be entitled to and find out about the services and support that  Fightback provide. You can book your ticket on Eventbrite by clicking here 

More details about the event are in the flyer which can be downloaded in MS Word  by clicking here 

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