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Brodstock Music Festival 2022

Thank you to MuSic4MS  and your incredible Fundraising


MuSic4MS Stage Rocks It

There are simply not enough thank you for our friends at MuSic4MS and their incredible hard work and wonderfull support they give the group  . On Saturday 18th June 2022 the gates opened at 11.30am and over 10 hours of fabulous live music followed.@ Brodstock 2022  The bouncy castles bounced, the revelers reveled and our rocking musicians rocked. Families and friends came together and the vibe was warm and freindly,  This year's festival saw over  the MuSic 4 MS stage raising almost £4,000 for the Calderdale MS Groups activites.


Thanks to all who take part

All the performers at  MuSic4MS stage at Brodstock Music Festival give their time and support for free in order to raise funds for the MS Calderdale  Group and o ther charities. 

Our thanks go to all the local  performers who gave their talents willingly: 

2pm  Aaron Mir & Jack Marsden

2.20pm Naomi Gill

3pm   Arden Sky with Annabelle Lucy

3.45pm TarQuina

4.30pm Jimbo Lynch

5.15pm Jack Spaniels

6pm Hollywood Tricks

7pm  Gated

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