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DMD's & Covid 19

April 12th 2020

Neurologist Guidance

For anyone currently undergoing a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) then it is clearly important to be in conversation with your Neurologist and MS Nurse to receive the correct guidance for your particular therapy.

Do DMTs increase your risk from Covid-19?                                         

We thought members may findthe current advice and guidance from the National MS Society of interest . Anyone taking LEMTRADA & MAVENCLAD is in the Extremely Vulnerable category with regards
to the virus. They need to self isolate and should register on the relevant part of the NHS website to ensure they receive additional support . This is because these treatments can increase the risk of viral infections, especially in the few months following treatment. The case for waiting could be particularly strong if someone is scheduled for a second or third course of treatment. A delay of a few months is relatively unlikely to affect the clinical progression of MS. Cancelling any course of treatment should be discussed with neurologist or MS teams. It may be that once people understand the risks, they may want to continue or research an alternative DMT in the interim.

DMD's & Covid-19: News & Updates
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