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Covid-19 & Activity Update

April  5th  2020

When the National MS Society issued the guidance that all Group activities that involve face to face contact had to cease we immediately cancelled all our forthcoming events .We then looked at how we could continue to provide opportunities for the local MS Community to interact with each other and communicate and how the group could continue to support this . After some discussion and research, we are happy to be the first local group in the North of England to go online and use the modern tools of Video Conferencing.

Most of the technology that people have - iPads,Tablets, Smartphones and Computers - now have Webcam facilities built in, software and apps being freely available to use. With that knowledge we have now succesfully moved our monthly get togethers (TEA, SARNIES & A NATTER, COFFEE WITH FRIENDS ) and adapted our exercise classes so they can all be delivered online . Our AQUA water based exercise classes have been temporarily replaced with a Friday morning exercise class.

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