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Summer Shindig 2024

Last  year saw our first Summer Shindig providing the opportunity for people living with MS and their families, society volunteers and supporters to come together on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy each other's company and tuck into a bountiful and very tasty buffet from the venues recommended caterer. The feedback from those who attended was hugely positive so we are happy to be organising this years Summer Shindig at the same location.  

We send our thanks to Christine West and our friends at the MuSic 4MS charity and the ASDA Charity Foundation who are funding the event. 

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Event Details

Join us for our annual Summer Shindig which will again be held at Bailliff Bridge Community Centre. Food will be served around 1pm and tea and coffee will be available. If you fancy something stronger the bar will be open. Each person living with MS can bring along a friend/carer/family member and if you need help with transport please let us know and we will pass you on to our transport volunteer who will arrange that for you, Please book your place as soon as possible by contacting us by Email at or by telephone on 07395336437.


You can book by email or phone 


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