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Where To Buy Starbucks Iced Coffee

Maybe you're the kind of person who only prefers iced coffee in the summer, or maybe you're the type who's still sipping in sub-zero temperatures. Whatever the case may be, if you're looking for an iced coffee drink at Starbucks, it can be difficult to know where to start. You can always begin with the basics, of course, like a plain iced coffee. When you make your way to this popular chain, you'll suddenly realize that there are so many iced coffee menu items to choose from. Basically, anything you would ever dream of putting in your coffee, you'll find at Starbucks. For the uninitiated, making a decision about what drink to get can be a challenge.

where to buy starbucks iced coffee

We wanted to make things easier for you, so we've compiled a list of some of our favorite Starbucks iced coffee drinks. Let's get one thing clear: All of these drinks are solid options, so you can't really go wrong with anything you choose unless there's a specific ingredient included that you know you don't like. That being said, some of these drinks are better than others, and it pays to know which ones are top-notch and which ones are just so-so. Let's take a closer look before you head out for your caffeine fix.

We hate to put the Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte in last place, but unfortunately, this is a strong list. If you're the kind of person who can never get enough cinnamon in their diet, then this ranking might seem unfair. However, if you're the type who likes cinnamon but doesn't want to be totally overwhelmed by it in every single sip, this drink is probably in the right place for you. The cinnamon flavor in this iced coffee is super strong, which can throw the drink slightly off-balance on some sips. On top of that, the cinnamon dolce syrup could be considered too sweet. With the standard drink boasting four pumps, there is a lot going on here. Still, it's a really tasty option for spice lovers.

Of course, you can always ask to have your drink without it, but the Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte usually comes covered in a layer of whipped cream and cinnamon dolce sprinkles. For an iced coffee, that can be more chaos than you need when you're just trying to get your morning cup of joe. Still, the combination of flavors makes this one of the better drinks you can order at Starbucks, even if the Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte isn't top of the list.

Who doesn't like chocolate in their coffee? It doesn't get much better than a mocha when you're looking for the perfectly balanced pairing of intense chocolate and coffee notes. If you've had this drink before, you know that it's most regularly served warm. But we love chocolate in all forms, and we're guessing you do too. So, if you're craving an iced version of this beverage, you have to order the Iced Caffé Mocha the next time you make your way to Starbucks. The fullness of the mocha syrup gives this drink a bit more complexity than your everyday iced coffee, and we love the richness the Iced Mocha offers.

That being said, Iced Caffé Mocha doesn't touch the top of our list because it's not very refreshing. As you can imagine, the earthy chocolate notes are quite heavy, which isn't necessarily what we're looking for in iced coffee (especially when it's a heater of a day). However, if you crave that deep, decadent flavor no matter what the mercury reads, this iced coffee selection can be what you're looking for. Just know that although it might not have a high temperature, the flavor is still pretty cozy.

Sure, we love all the unique and exciting combinations that Starbucks comes up with. That doesn't mean we always want something wild or out of the ordinary. Sometimes, you just need to stick with the classics, and that's just what a Starbucks Iced Coffee will allow you to do. A Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew has 280 milligrams of caffeine per 16 fl oz., while only the Trenta-sized iced coffee comes close to that much caffeine per milligram. So, a smaller plain Iced Coffee from Starbucks isn't going to be quite as buzzy as a Nitro Cold Brew, but you can still expect this drink to pack plenty of punch. If you're looking for a good pick-me-up that won't be too overwhelming, this easy order is the way to go.

For all the caffeine lovers out there, it's no secret that nitro cold brew is the cream of the crop when it comes to drinks that will give you plenty of energy. Just a warning: Those who aren't used to caffeine may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of it in any nitro cold brews found at Starbucks (or pretty much any coffee spot). Cold brew is more caffeinated than your average iced coffee, and nitro cold brew contains tiny bubbles of nitrogen, which produces a lovely foam on the top layer of your drink. Add in the Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew, and it's clear why this drink is closer to the top of our list.

If you're not a huge fan of super intense coffee, there are loads of menu items to try that fall on the lighter side. In that case, an Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte is your new best bet at Starbucks. The vanilla roast itself doesn't have a super drastic taste, so instead of bitter coffee, a decadent silkiness comes to the forefront. Of course, as with any Starbucks drink, you can choose the kind of milk you want in your coffee. That will certainly affect the profile of your iced latte. If you're looking for the smoothest possible combination, whole milk is the way to go, but it will add that saltiness that dairy is known for. In our opinion, oat milk is a great textural alternative, especially if you're looking to cut down on animal products.

Here's another menu item you'll see at Starbucks but probably nowhere else: Irish Cream Cold Brew. We have to admit that we weren't sure how to feel about this one at first. After giving it a few sips, we think it's safe to say that it's a fantastic coffee drink, just indulgent enough without being over-the-top sugary. It all starts with Starbucks cold brew. This cold brew is loved because it lacks the acidity you find in most cold coffees. Instead, you'll get a slight touch of sweetness that comes not from sugar but from how the coffee is made. It also contains plenty of caffeine, so it's going to get you up and going in no time at all.

We already covered why we love the plain iced coffee from Starbucks, so it should come as no surprise that another classic, Starbucks plain Cold Brew, is also one of our favorites. This is for those who want a plain coffee with an extra dose of caffeine in each sip. The Cold Brew at Starbucks is strong, for sure. Healthline reports that a 16-ounce cup of Starbucks Cold Brew has 205 milligrams of caffeine in it. This is not the order you should place if you're trying to watch your caffeine intake. Caffeine content isn't the only thing that makes it stand apart from the rest. There's also the slight sweetness that cold brew offers that we absolutely can't get enough of.

Like the iced coffee, Starbucks Cold Brew is as customizable as drinks come. Add some cream or milk if you want your beverage to be richer, or put in a pinch of sugar if you like it to be on the sweeter side. You can even do both if you want things to get really wild. No matter how you prefer your cold brew, you can pretty much guarantee that you're getting your morning off to a great start when you choose this drink.

If you're searching for the richest of all the iced drinks available to you at the Starbucks counter, then you absolutely have to try the Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha. While the coffee doesn't exactly come to the forefront with this drink, we're totally okay with it because the dark chocolate notes are such an indulgent treat. The chocolate flavor is very luxurious, yet the drink isn't drowning in any sort of sweetness. Instead, the espresso in this drink merges with both cocoa and ground chocolate in every sip, which means you're not going to miss out on a single drop of balanced bittersweetness.

You should keep in mind that the drink sizes at Starbucks are different depending on whether you order hot coffee or iced coffee. With hot coffee, you can order a short, but this option is not available for iced coffee drinks. And although you can get a 31-ounce iced Trenta, this size is not offered for hot coffees.

A good way to ensure your iced coffee is perfect is to allow room for the ice. Order your coffee one size bigger than you would when ordering a hot cup of coffee. This will allow for ample room to hold ice and any extra syrup, espresso shots, or cream.

I tried the unsweetened, and found it to be quite gross. It tastes just like the canned Starbucks drinks, as if it has some dairy or sweetener in it. Very different from the iced coffee sold in their stores. I will never buy it again.

I was thrilled to see this stuff at my local store in Denver. I got the unsweetened bottle as unsweetened black iced coffee is my usual drink. However I found this bottled version to be bland, mellow, and without the dark yet bright notes in a regular Starbucks iced coffee. Instead this stuff was just too smooth and dull tasting for me- zero intensity. Perhaps the sweetened version is better, but this is unfortunately by no means a dupe for the real stuff that is freshly brewed in stores.

Sauces and syrups make personalising your iced coffee easy - and tasty. From the signature Starbucks Caramel Lattice, to the subtle, smooth sweetness of vanilla syrup, there are so many ways to truly make it yours at home with Starbucks this summer.

Inspired by the coffee culture at Starbucks, Brewed to Personalize Iced Coffee is medium-roast Starbucks coffee crafted for home personalization. Drink it black over ice. Add creamer. Add sweetener. Have it wherever and however you crave it.

Inspired by the coffee culture at Starbucks\u00AE, Brewed to Personalize Iced Coffee is medium-roast Starbucks\u00AE coffee crafted for home personalization. Drink it black over ice. Add creamer. Add sweetener. Have it wherever and however you crave it. 041b061a72


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