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Kenny Rogers 20 Greatest Hits (2002) _TOP_

The best part (or most fun part) of the book is playing along with the original recordings, I think. YouTube is a great resource in this regard. I also thought readers of the book may want to know the exact versions of the songs that I used to make these number charts. Accordingly, I have compiled here a list of all 200 songs with iTunes links (when available) to the exact versions of the songs I used when making the book. (I tried to use album versions whenever possible, but I often had to resort to greatest hits collections because so many songs predated compact discs.) I hope this information helps.

Kenny Rogers 20 Greatest Hits (2002)

Overall, these hits have been added to mix CDs, belted out at weddings and quoted in movies as some of the most romantic gestures of our time. From Whitney Houston to Adele, here are the 77 greatest love songs to dedicate to your special someone.


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