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[UPD] Download Ace Ventura: Pet Detective PC Game 1996

Ace Ventura is an adventure game based on TV cartoon Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. You play an animal-detective, who helps animals in trouble. Travel from Alaska via the magic land Vulcania to Bavaria in this comic adventure, that also contains some action elements.

Download Ace Ventura: Pet Detective PC Game 1996

Download Zip:

"Dude, pull my finger. Did that make you laugh? Then you're probably going to like Ace Ventura. Borrowing from the Ace Ventura cartoon series, the game features all the same gags, mannerisms, and obnoxiousness from the world's famous pet detective - the kind of stuff that's so stupid, you have no choice but to laugh. And it's the humor that keeps the game afloat.

Although Ace Ventura doesn't claim to break new ground, it possesses one nice feature that all developers of endlessly-clicking adventure games should take note of. When you click on an object that you don't need, Ace pipes up with such witty things as "Yeaaaahhhh righht!" and "not enough upper body strength." That alone saves hours out of wandering around, which is usually nothing more than absolutely frustrating. All told, it's Ace's lowbrow humor that makes this a fun game to play. As in a lot of adventure games, long, drawn-out stories are told in between each level. But refreshingly, the scenes are actually entertaining - a good thing, since there's no way to skip them. You'll likely cruise through this title with ease, but you'll have plenty of fun getting there." The humor, albeit sophomoric in some places, and hilarious animations make the game well worth the huge download, although expert adventure gamers will find the game disappointingly easy.

Ace Ventura became massively popular when Jim Carrey played the famous pet detective on the big screen. This computer game is also a (somewhat) failed attempt to bring people closer to the franchise. This time, the pet detective has to travel all over the world in search of a lost animal. Personally, I'm not into that kind of ridiculous humor so I didn't find the game funny at all. The humor is pretty primitive and lame, and sometimes I would let out a little giggle or smirk when something was so ridiculous that it wasn't anything BUT funny. I would say that the game is mostly aimed at children, because the gameplay is too easy to be challenging for adults. And they are probably pretty the only ones that would think all that funny. The art and design are top quality, though. The cartoonish design and animation are very convincing and the voice acting is splendidly done. The gameplay, though.. Not so much. So, maybe you should give your kid this game to play, but for you.. If you're already into cartoonish games, go for Comix Zone. Now that's a great adventure game.

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