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Net-juu No Susume Episode 4 !NEW!

Again, across its ten episodes, Net-juu no Susume certainly has its moments and its aspects worth praising. However, its noticeable flaws keep the show in check, preventing it from excelling beyond a middling ground.

Net-juu no Susume Episode 4

Outside if the game Moriko seems to bump into Yuuta an awful lot. In the first episode, it was in the store. In this episode, he accidentally elbows her in the face. It looks like every time she leaves her house, she runs into him (Chris Note: Violently, in this case). I guess it really is a small world after all.

The art is still on par with the last episode. The characters, backgrounds, and even the weird dream all looked fine. Well, the dream was creepy, but it was supposed to be. I still find moments when Moriko is just simply adorable. Especially when dealing with the situations she gets into.

As far as characters go, we seem to get something new on the main characters every episode. We even got some backstory on the guild. I think the only time we even got exposition was in the first episode when Moriko introduced herself, and that was light.

Yuta is believed to be the player behind the pink-haired female conductor that Moriko's male knight character, Hayashi, has just partnered up with. And by the end of the previous episode, it was hinted that this may well be the truth.

The preview for the next episode titled "Like a Maiden in Love" teases more in-game interactions between Hayashi and Lily. However, it also seems that Moriko will also continue to keep her distance from Yuta, who has apparently taken quite an interest in her.

After three episodes of doing a good job of endearing the characters to us, Konohana Kitan shifts it focus to the events happening in and around Konohantei. Supernatural things keep occurring in this inn.

Moriko is a 30-year old female of medium height with waist-length bluish-purple hair that is seen tied up in various episodes and eyes that match, but it is in a lighter shade. Her skin is a bit pale, a distinctive mole near her mouth and her body is an average build.

However, after setting up plans to meet Homare Koiwai for drinks in episode 5, she seeks advice from Lily on how she should dress and style her hair, during which Lily and Kanbe get into a disagreement on if short or long hair is better before Moriko finally chose medium-length hair.

The Type A viewer will expect something interesting to happen, and will feel utterly alienated with the increasing number of episodes where absolutely nothing important happens and no progress is made plot-wise. 041b061a72


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