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Download Glovepie

Launch GlovePIE and click File > Open. Navigate to the PlexMouse.txt file you downloaded from OfficeLabs. Note: You may have to change the file type in the Open dialog to All Files.

Download Glovepie

Download Zip:

However, you can use PowerPoint with your Wii Remote, which does make a little more sense. To activate the laser pointer feature, run the pptPlexWiiOn.reg file you downloaded earlier. Start your slide show and use the following gestures to control your presentation:

First you need to install GlovePIE: 1.Go to this website: _download.php 2. Click the link that says 'I have 100% Green power' 3. Extract the downloaded zip and run the application called 'PIEfree' The next couple of steps will be teaching you to do simple coding in GlovePIE. If you just want to download a Team Fortress 2 file, then skip to step 4.

If your code looks like this, then well done!! Don't forget to save your file. Here's one more finishing touch: Put this in to your code to make it so that when you say 'hide', the glovepie window disappears, and when you say 'show', the glovepie windows appears. if said("hide", 5) or said("hide glove pie", 5) then hidepie end if if said("show", 5) or said("show glove pie", 5) then showpie end if Notice the 'OR' statement - this means that GlovePIE will recognise both "hide" and "hide GlovePIE". Here's my file download for people who don't want to bother learning to code: Ok now go and apply this code to other games! I hear that this works particularly well for the Arma series. If you have any creative uses for GlovePIE then I'd love to hear them in the comments! If you want a bit more complex code, and have GlovePIE speak back to you then check out this instructable: -controlled-PC-assistant/ And if you want to be able to control GlovePIE from your phone or tablet check out this instructable: -control-your-PC-from-your-phone-android/ If you enjoyed this instructable vote for it in the Game.Life contest!!

BREAKING NEWS!Yes, you too can be a WiiNerd on Windows. You can control Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Design Review, AutoCAD, Revit, Alias, Maya, Project Freewheel, etc. all with a Wii! Carl Kenner wrote a programmable input emulator (PIE) which enables customizing any input device to control Windows. I just got it working with the Wii Remote. This allows full customization for any application as well as the ability to program for gesture recognition. There are also a variety of Wii-based example PIE scripts included with the download, like for Google Earth, Firefox, and a whole variety of PC Games.

I have been trying for some time to get an explanation to this question, In the application, after starting "Glove Pie" and inserting the script, how does one associate it with the Arma 3. In a Utube video from "Royal Gamers" you are shown how to download, start the application and then insert the script. The last part is saving it. In the video the save options include Arma 3, where does this come from? What am I missing, is it just brain cells?

Filename:reticuli_s_saitek_x65f,_glide,_winx3d,_and_glovepie_profiles_v3.zipLicense:FreewareAdded:9th August 2014, 12:54:29Downloads:90Author:Benjamin "Reticuli" GoulartSize:22904kb

Filename:reticuli_s_x52,_glide,_winx3d,_and_glovepie_profiles_v14.zipLicense:FreewareAdded:25th February 2010, 10:39:59Downloads:418Author:Benjamin "Reticuli" GoulartSize:20935kb

  • To get this to all work, you will need to: Have a Wii Balance Board, which comes with Wii Fit.

  • Get a bluetooth adapter for your computer if you don't already have one, like one of these. I've had good luck with ones using BlueSoleil software.

  • Download GlovePie.

  • Install Stepmania, and download and install some songs from their site.

  • Open up the song's directory, and rename the original .sm file with a .bak extension.

  • Upload the .bak file from a song below (or the .sm file if you don't mind overwriting it).

  • Click Go, and save the output .sm file into the song directory.

  • Download the and unzip the image pack into the song folder.

  • To play: Connect your Balance Board to your PC via Bluetooth. If you don't know how to do this, try this tutorial, but press the red sync button on the Balance Board (inside battery compartment) at Step 3.

  • Optionally connect a wiimote to your PC via Bluetooth.

  • Load up this script in GlovePIE.

  • Start up the script, and step on and off the Balance Board a few times to calibrate it.

  • Start up Stepmania, select the song(s) you processed, and start stepping. There's no scrolling feet like Wii Fit, but an image will display showing the steps to follow.

The most common reason for such problems is the lack of proper applications that supports PIE files installed on the system. To address this issue, go to the GlovePIE developer website, download the tool, and install it. It is that easy On the top of the page a list that contains all programs grouped based on operating systems supported can be found. One of the most risk-free method of downloading software is using links provided by official distributors. Visit GlovePIE website and download the installer.

If the PIE file was sent to you by someone else, ask this person to resend the file to you. It is possible that the file has not been properly copied to a data storage and is incomplete and therefore cannot be opened. If the PIE file has been downloaded from the internet only partially, try to redownload it.

  • Features:About 30 minigames and cool boss challenges in 3 difficulties

  • Have fun with up to 3 friends (on a couch, not online)

  • Playable with keyboard & mouse and Wii Remote (see below for details!)

  • English and German text avaiable (Auch in Deutsch, jawohl!)

  • Made by one german dude and some of his friends

  • The game was made with Game Maker 8.0 lite (cause I am a cheap-ass and dont like watermarks). Its my first game thats actually playable. But if you find any bugs or having trouble with it, please let me know, so I can fix it! Im no professional developer and still learning, any feedback is appreciated!How to play with Wii RemoteTo play this game with a Wii Remote (which is even more fun!) youll need the following:Nintendo Wii Remote (original or third party, Wii Motion Plus is not necessary )

  • Sensor bar (a wireless one with batteries, then you dont have to turn on your Wii)

  • A bluetooth device to connect Wii Remote with your PC / Laptop

  • The free software "GlovePie"

  • The Error Ware script for GlovePie

  • Connect the Wii Remote with your bluetooth device by right-clicking the bluetooth symbol at the windows taskbar (press the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wii Remote repeatedly until the process is finished).

  • When the Wii Remote is detected by windows, choose "Pair without code".

  • Then you Open the script file in GlovePie and start it by clicking the "Run" button

  • Your Wii Remote should now stop blinking and show the player indicator for player 1 instead (if two lights are active, simply stop the script in glove pie and click the run button again.)

  • In Error Wares title screen, choose Wii remote controls. It should work now!

  • If the Wii remote gets disconnected, press 1 + 2 repeatedly until it works again.

You can download GlovePIE and the script file on the U-GameZ Homepage. Theres also a detailed description telling you how to make it work. The games fun with keyboard and mouse, of course. So have fun and let me know how you like it!Mc Jey from U-GameZ 350c69d7ab


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